AMAN Team ?


Security intrusion incidents have dramatically risen over the last decade. Exposed to an endless number of threats and vulnerabilities, the organizations need to enhance their degree of security to avoid the lack of accountability problem and satisfy the regulatory obligations. Identification, Analysis, Evaluation of vulnerabilities and Design of an appropriate solutions are interesting research problems nowadays to guarantee the organization operation or the fulfillment of its objectives. If a successful attack is perpetrated against an organization, the monitoring solution becomes critical especially in complex environments and services such that high speed or ad-hoc networks or multicast services. The security solutions should ensure that the attack is accurately identified and appropriate steps are taken to prevent current and future attacks. These problems become more challenging if we consider interesting design issues such that scalability, efficiency, easy of deployment, and real-time constraints imposed by the aforementioned environments and services.


Being one of the international R&D leaders in security fields


Focusing on excellence in building security technical intelligence to support academic institutions and professional bodies

Research Areas (tracks):

  • Network Security
  • Computer Security
  • Information Security
  • Digital Forensics Investigation
  • Security and privacy in Web Services and Social Networks


  • To develop, adapt, implement, enhance and optimize security solutions in term of architectures, protocols, soft wares for a variety environments
  • To combat constantly evolving security threats.
  • To effectively address and prevent security breaches through continuous monitoring and adjustment of infrastructure and policy by providing a full view of all activities before, during, and after the attack.
  • To provide complete documentation and evidence for forensic investigations
  • To assist with corporate and federal compliance practices