Research Projects

Finished Research projects (7 projects)

  1. ISOComp: Security Management Toolkit for Compliance with ISO Security Standards. [PI: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  2. IDS4HSN: Efficient Real-time Intrusion Detection System for High Speed Networks. [PI: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  3. FI4SOA: Forensics Investigations for Service Oriented Architectures. [PI: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  4. Network and System Security: Concepts and Techniques (Book). [PI: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  5. IDECSE : Integrated Environment for Composite Services Engineering. [Co-I: Dr. Hassen Sallay ]

  6. WSL: A Semantic Language for Web Service Composition Analysis and Monitoring. [Co-I: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  7. AMT: Arabic Morpholigical Tool based on the Text context. [Co-I: Dr. Hassen Sallay ].

In progress Research projects (2 projects)

  1. S4HSN: Online Spam Filtering based on textual and visual features using Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Approaches in High Speed Networks. [Co-I: Dr. Hassen Sallay]

  2. FD: Spatio-temporal Forgery Detection using Advanced Learning Models. [Co-I: Dr. Hassen Sallay]